Call for Application: HICOOL 2021 Startup Competition – European Section

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HICOOL 2021 is accepting applications for the European Startup Competition Section until June 15th 2021!

Register for the competition HERE.

The HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit and Entrepreneurship Competition was created with entrepreneurs in mind. Our theme is “Envision Your Future”. We aim to find high-quality projects globally and assist our winners to settle and to develop rapidly. The competition has 140 winning spots, with a total sum of RMB 70 million in cash prizes, as well as RMB 1 billion in investment funds. The winning projects will be provided tens of thousands of RMB in direct investment funds. The competition will invite top investors, well-known mentors, and leading entrepreneurs to provide full-scale entrepreneurial counseling and assistance for the participating projects, creating a multi-level, multi-dimensional, and diversified international entrepreneurship model. Our “Beijing Service” package will help the winners settle down in Beijing, providing free education for their children and medical insurance, as well as accommodation, to empower the entrepreneurs in Beijing in the best possible way.

Basic Participation Requirements:
(1) You can choose to compete in the name of an individual or a team. For a project declared in the name of a team, the team can have no more than 3 individuals, each participant can only participate in one project.
(2) If the company has not been registered in Beijing, the participants should have the intention to start a business in Beijing and promise to set up a company in Beijing within one year after winning the award.

Registration (Open to Global) – Mid April to Mid-June
Screening (Online) – June
Preliminary Selection (Online/Offline) – June to July
Semi Final (Online/Offline) – August
Final Summit (Onsite in Beijing) – Late August

– 1st Prize: 2 million RMB/winner x 7
– 2nd Prize: 1 million RMB/winner x 21
– 3rd Prize: 0.5 million RMB/winner x 42
– Winning Prize: 0.2 million RMB/winner x 70

Other benefits:
The 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners can benefit from policies support as follows
– Residence permit
– Family settlement in Beijing
– Children’s education
– Healthcare
– Insurance
– Entry of scientific research items

Register for the competition HERE before the deadline 2021.06.15! Questions about HICOOL 2021? Feel free to reach out to us, we’re happy to help.