China is now without doubt the globally leading market where AI technologies find everyday applications in a wide range of scenarios. From service robot to autonomous driving, from image generation to video creation, just to name a few.

However, there’s yet no clear regulations in place to ensure that AI platforms and tools are not generating plagiarized content based on intellectual properties of other companies and individuals. An increasing number of startups and SMEs are asking:

– How can I can employ AI ethically in China?
– What are the potential legal risks when it comes to IP protection in the Chinese market?
– What to do if my IP is being used in AI models or apps from China without my authorization?

To address these questions, China IP SME Helpdesk and 36Kr Europe are organizing the webinar “AI for Businesses: How to Use the Tool Safely and Ethically in China?” on 8th May 2024 with Chinese copyright experts.

This webinar is an initiative by the European Commission and is free for founders, startup companies as well as SMEs located in the European Union, as well as the participating countries in the Single Market Program. Detailed event information and registration form can be found via the link below. The total participants slot is limited and registration is required.

Registration Link: