Ready to make your business future-proof? The next cycle of the German Accelerator ( China program is coming up in May 2023! This program stands out with its highly customized mentor scouting and company matching services. You will receive focused advice on your particular product and business model. With China’s vast potential, you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity. All companies with a German entity are eligible!

The benefits of participating in the program include:

  • Identifying opportunities in China guided by trusted experts and partners.
  • Receiving insights from highly customized mentor meetings which will serve you for China, but also for your global business practice.
  • Gaining exposure in China through public events and building your network with Chinese and international investors, potential customers, and experts.
  • Learn how to protect your trademark and IP in China (which is crucial even if you are not planning to enter the Chinese market (yet))
  • Exploring other touchpoints with the Chinese business region, such as supply chain, sourcing, talent acquisition, competitor mapping etc.

Key info for the next cycle:

Workshop period: May 8th – June 16th 2023 + April. 26th half day workshop

Format: virtual (Zoom)

Total hours: approx. 30h (almost exclusively in the mornings of Central European time).

Official Application link:

Fast-track application link:

Application Deadline: 17th April 2023