4th Red Boat Jiaxing Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition  

European Entrepreneurship Division Digital Economy | Healthcare|Advanced Manufacturing|New Energy & New Material 


2020.06.15 – Application Deadline

2020.07.05 – End of Qualification Review

The Jury Committee will review all application and select qualified projects into the Technical Review

2020.07.15 – End of Technical Review

The Jury Committee will perform detailed technical reviews and confirm the list of successful applicants into the Global Industry Competitions

2020.08.15 – Global Industry Competitions

Through online video roadshows, four Industry Competition will be held: 

  •     Digital Economy
  •     MedTech
  •     Advanced Manufacturing
  •     New Energy & New Material

Each Industry Competition will generate 8 winners: 1x First Prize, 2x Second Prizes, and 5x Thrid prizes (total 32 winners). The Top 2 winners from each Industry Competition (total 8 winners) will be qualified to enter the Grand Final. All 32 winners will be invited to a trip to China with all travel expenses covered by the organizer.

2020.09 – 2020.10 (Date TBD) Grand Final

During the annual “Starlit South Lake” Yangtze River Delta Elite Summit, the Grand Final will take place in Jiaxing, Greater Shanghai Area in China. Global competitors will compete for 1 Grand Winner, 2 First Prizes, 3 Second Prizes, and 10 Third Prizes.

Global Industry Competition Awards

4x First Prizes:   RMB 20.000 each  ~ EUR 2.500

8x Second Prizes:   RMB 10.000 each  ~ EUR 1.250

20x Third Prizes:   RMB 5.000 each  ~ EUR 625

Grand Final Awards

1x Grand Prize:   RMB 200.000  ~ EUR 25.000

2x First Prizes:   RMB 100.000 each  ~ EUR 12.500

3x Second Prizes:   RMB 50.000 each  ~ EUR 6.250

10x Third Prizes:   RMB 30.000 each  ~ EUR 3.750 

Apply NOW by filling the form below, or send us your English pitch deck together with all questions you might have per Email to pitch@techcode-germany.com! We will come back to you within 24 hours.